GATA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting academic teams and promoting quality quiz bowl competition in Georgia. GATA depends upon volunteer and member support. Please consider helping with GATA today.
In addition to our work supporting teams, GATA also hosts the tournaments listed below. If you would like to participate in one of these events...
How to register for GATA events:

1- Scroll down below to find your GATA event(s) and print off the form(s) below.

2- Mail the form(s) and the check* to the address shown (you are not officially registered until BOTH items are submitted to us). You're always welcome to email GATA telling us the check is on the way.

*If you are submitting multiple forms, you can combine the fees all on one check.

3- Check the GATA Forum for periodic updates (when checks and form are received, the list is updated at that moment).

4- Practice. Practice. Practice. :)
5- Wait for the official event info email (usually emailed the Sunday or Monday before the event).
Each event costs $40 per team for GATAF and GATAW and $50 per team for the MS, JV and V Championships.  
All registration fees paid to GATA are non-refundable and non-transferable to other GATA events.
All forms and checks are due by the delivery of mail one week before each event!
Please make sure to include both a registration form AND a check when you register for all GATA events to prevent confusion upon delivery. Do not send a scan of the form as we tend to forget about these in the scramble to get things set up for the tournaments.
All GATA events will be played using these rules.
The results for all GATA events are listed on the "tournament schedule" page.

GATA events typically run from 9am to 3/330pm (with check-in beginning around 815am).
End times are approximate and depend on the size of the field and if your team plays any post lunch matches.

News and updates!
Apr 9, 2019
The season is (nearly) over (for some)! Good luck to all the teams heading to the various National Tournaments. 

Starting July 1st, every coach that attends a GATA event must have an NAQT account as we will be using their registration system from now on. This system will give us real time updates on who has signed and will ensure that deadlines for registration are absolute. The forms you're all accustomed to will no longer be used nor will they be honored after May 31, 2019 for any future GATA events. 

We will plan a coaches conference some time in August 2019 to help those who do not have the NAQT account to register for one and help answer any questions you have about the upcoming changes with GATA events. Until then, though, good luck the rest of the season and enjoy the Summer!

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 GATA Fall Middle School (36 team hard cap: 18 Regular and 18 Novice) TBD September 29, 2018 Chamblee MS Middle School 
 GATA Fall North (must attend closest site) TBD October 20, 2018 Apalachee HS Novice/Junior Varsity/Varsity 
 GATA Fall South (must attend closest site) TBD October 20, 2018 Mary Persons HS Novice/Junior Varsity/Varsity 
 GATA Winter North (26 team hard cap in each division) TBD December 1, 2018 Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology Junior Varsity/Varsity 
 GATA Winter South TBD December 8, 2018  Veterans HS Junior Varsity/Varsity 
 GATA Middle School State Championship TBD February 23, 2019 Collins Hill HS Middle School 
 GATA Junior Varsity State Championship TBD March 2, 2019  Mary Persons HS Junior Varsity 
 GATA Varsity State Championship TBD March 16, 2019  Ola HS Varsity 
Showing 8 items