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Tournament Information

Tournaments are the soul of quizbowl. Big or small, a well-run tournament with a competitive field is is what makes all the hard work coaches and players put into quizbowl worthwhile. GATA is committed to helping coordinators host well-run tournaments.

GATA has several documents available for download that the aspiring tournament host could find useful, including our tournament hosting guide, rules and formats guide, and our tips for readers and scorekeepers.  Additionally we try to put potential hosts in touch with members who have experience hosting tournaments, as well as volunteers to help make sure the tournament runs smoothly.

GATA also hosts several tournaments throughout the year. GATA rules allow up to 5 players per team. High School tournaments include extra points for very early buzzes (powers), but no point deduction for early misses (negs). For more information, you can find a copy of the GATA tournament rules here.

List of Tournaments in Georgia

This is a list of tournaments that includes both GATA and non-GATA tournaments. While most are in Georgia, some tournaments that Georgia teams may want to attend are also included.

GATA Tournaments

Information about tournaments hosted by GATA, including the state championship tournaments.

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Aug 25, 2014, 5:28 PM