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Buzzer Winners

GATA believes in making the game accessible to as many schools at varying levels of play as possible. In that spirit, GATA, through a raffle system, awards a competing school a new buzzer system at the seven major GATA events during the season (and the coaches' conference, when held) in hopes that this will encourage the winning school to build up their teams and take part in the many events available at the state, regional and national levels (not to mention bring the buzzer along).

The following schools won a buzzer system during their respective  GATA season. These schools are not eligible for another GATA buzzer drawing for a period of four years, even if they have a coaching change in the interim. All schools listed are high schools unless otherwise noted.

2014-15 Season (Eligible again in the 2018-19 season):
ACE Academy Macon (MS)
Central Macon
Ware County

2015-16 Season (Eligible again in the 2019-20 season):